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With all the recent media attention about ChatGPT and other AI tools taking over our jobs (and our world), it’s easy to forget that technology — even AI — is a tool we can use to make our lives easier and our businesses more efficient.

At USCCG, we’ve been using software to help our clients harness and wrangle their data and transform it into usable insights in real time, and support their operational goals and aspirations.

The various software modules that make up our proprietary LINCS system, along with Microsoft’s Power BI, were designed to do just that. Here’s a look at the software we use to help you harness your data.

Lean Information Control System LINCS software


A cornerstone of the work we do at USC Consulting Group, the Lean Information Control System (LINCS) gives supervisors, managers and execs the operating information they need, when and where they need it. LINCS offers state-of-the-art tools and software applications that facilitate fact-based decision making in real time from the shop floor to the boardroom.

LINCS includes modules for advanced planning, manufacturing and logistics, value-stream mapping, time-phased production scheduling, inventory analysis and more. These modules can be used in combination or alone, based on the needs of your business. That’s because of another of our cornerstones: no cookie-cutter solutions. You can pick and choose which modules and features are most useful for your particular needs.

LINCS is designed to be a sophisticated decision support tool kit that is adaptable, affordable, easy to use and easy to configure.

We’re fond of saying companies need to “manage by the numbers.” This is the way to do it.

Here’s a closer look at the modules.

Performance Analysis and Reporting

This module collects and analyzes operating and production information in real time. Seeing how the work is stacking up as it takes place gives operators and executives powerful information by which to make decisions, prioritize activities and pivot when things aren’t going according to plan. It allows management to view operations at a glance or drill down to examine specific areas of opportunity via an executive dashboard. And it’s easy to configure and use.

Key Features:

  • Acts as middleware, interfacing with enterprise-level and SCADA-level systems, as well as human input
  • Identifies and quantifies improvement opportunities in your operation
  • Provides accurate tracking and analysis of important key performance indicators
  • Includes analytical and statistical tools to highlight performance problems
  • Produces easy-to-read graphics and reports that allow you to understand operational performance at any level in your organization
  • Provides actionable information from which to launch improvement initiatives
  • Prioritizes needed action, then tracks and quantifies improvement effort
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows® technology for ease of use and compatibility with existing systems
  • Produces reports online and in hard copy at each level of the organization
  • Interfaces easily with existing systems; does not require expensive software or hardware upgrades
  • Does not require extensive in-house IT maintenance
  • Is highly scalable; can grow with your business


No modesty here — this is a really cool software program. It’s a 3D simulation of new processes or practices before you roll them out onto the shop floor. It’s an object-oriented simulation software for processes like manufacturing, material handling and workflow. It helps engineers, managers and decision makers visualize and test proposed operations, processes or systems in “cyberspace” before trying it out in real life. The goal, like everything we do here at USCCG, is to boost productivity, eliminate bottlenecks and ultimately enhance your profits.

Key Features:

  • Windows-based
  • Fully object-oriented with C++ integration
  • Models created graphically using drag-and-drop
  • Amazing 3D virtual reality using drag-and-drop
  • Unsurpassed flexibility and power
  • Cool factor: High!

Resource Capacity Planning

This invaluable tool gives you a realistic, real-time view of available versus required resources, including people, materials, tools and equipment. It helps you make sure you’re on track to achieve your production plan, each and every day and shift. It’s user friendly and can be customized for each client’s needs.

Key Features:

  • Identifies equipment capacities required to meet projected demand
  • Considers process maturity and operational learning curves when calculating resource requirements
  • Performs long-range material requirements planning
  • Adjusts for expected yield and scrap rates
  • Provides rough cut (family-level) and detailed (product/line item-level) planning
  • Summarizes labor hour requirements by skill set and work area

Microsoft Power BI

What good is the amount of data we have at our fingertips today if we can’t analyze it, interpret it and put it to use, right? That’s where Microsoft Power BI comes in. It creates news you can use. The program is designed to collect the various types of data generated within your business and coalesce it into useful, timely information by which you create actionable insights. It consists of a Power BI Desktop, an online software-as-a-service (SaaS), and mobile apps for Windows, Android and iOS devices. Together, those three components work to wrangle your data into insights you can share with your team.

Key Features:

  • AI helps you create machine learning modules, accesses image recognition and more
  • AI’s lightning-fast speed gives you actionable insights quickly
  • Able to interface with the multiple data sources you may be using, like Salesforce
  • Customizable, allowing users to create unique sets of information based on their needs
  • Connects data on a dashboard that’s easily viewed and understood
  • Includes Report Builder and Report Server features

By using the latest-and-greatest software out there, we help our clients enhance their operations, streamline their day-to-day, stay on top of inventory and create actionable decisions. It’s about managing by the numbers.

For more information about how this software technology can help streamline your operations, call us at 800-888-8872 or email us at

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