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Supply Chain Management: How to Optimize the Process


Supply Chain Management encompasses many facets from acquiring raw materials to delivering to the consumer and each component is as important as the next in the process.  When looking to optimize your operations you must take into consideration the entire supply chain.

So how do we end the disruptions and take on such a massive undertaking?  Start at the front end with planning and scheduling, inventory management, and strategic sourcing.  These stages in the process set up the foundation for an optimized system.

Next, the focus shifts to the manufacturing of products and how to increase throughput while reducing costs and maximizing yield.  Utilize real-time data analysis and reporting tools to improve productivity and enhance maintenance programs.

From there, identify the most cost-effective distribution and logistics options to further enhance your supply chain management.

Optimization is in sight, but many may encounter stumbling blocks that require outside expertise and a fresh perspective. Here at USC Consulting Group, we’ve been working with organizations across numerous industries for 50 years, helping them transform their operations and optimize their supply chain.



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