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6 Game Winning Strategies for Continuous Improvement (infographic)


In sports, what separates the top teams from the middle of the pack?  In business, what gives the edge to one organization over another? Continuous improvement strategy.

The winningest teams are always looking to continuously improve by mastering the fundamentals and putting in the time and dedication to perform when the clock is ticking down and the next score wins.

The same is true for organizations competing within their industries – the key to success for any business is the pursuit of continuous improvement.

To maximize your business’ potential and come through in the clutch, take a page from the USC Playbook with these keys to the game of continuous improvement strategy:


6 Game Winning Strategies for Continuous Improvement

  • Become more people-focused: There’s no “I” in team, and there are no W’s in the win column without individuals who collaboratively buy in to a CI mentality.
  • Prioritize communication: Much like the players on the ice, workers must be clear about what the strategy is and their part in crossing the goal line will be.
  • Embrace the unending journey: Maintaining a CI mindset requires reflection and a company-wide attitude of perpetually reaching the next level of success.
  • Key in on process: Knowing what works and what doesn’t allows you to change the game plan when circumstances dictate.
  • Invest in success: Lean tools such as resource capacity planning and operational performance reviews provide context and direction for how to best spend capital.
  • Be teachable: There’s always a way to do things better. Be willing to listen to alternative approaches.

Continuous improvement isn’t a destination; it’s a mentality. USC Consulting Group can provide the training, resources and strategy you need to realize sustained success, no matter the arena.

Do you want to enhance your continuous improvement strategy and operational performance? Download the USC Playbook today and hoist that cup.

USC Playbook - Embracing Continuous Improvement

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