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Private Equity Value Creation: Increase yield and EBITDA through leveraging consultants (eBook)


Available financing and an abundance of dry powder in the Private Equity sector has recently increased the volume of deals and generated the highest amount of buyouts ever. This environment has not only sustained high average EV/EBITDA  multiples in the mid 11s, but the related yield pressure has caused GPs to look at creative approaches to winning asset competitions as well as value creation.

Business management consultancies are being leveraged as an important tool in the PE value creation toolkit due to their vast industry experience.  Yet even within a particular PE firm, financial dynamics are constantly in flux.  With deal competition driving firms to shake up their strategy and models, management consulting represents a critical stopgap for PE firms looking to navigate the private equity life cycle and implement sustainable operational improvements.

Rising above the competition

To really find great value in this tight market, you need to know what to look for in a consultant.  Ask yourself: Is your consulting firm simply providing philosophical and strategic guidance while leaving you to execute change unsupported?  Do your consultants have the operational expertise needed to deliver results?

This is where we can help.  USC Consulting Group is a top-tier organization with over 50 years of experience implementing sustainable operational improvement and leveraging that functional experience to help PEs get the most out of their investments.

Download our eBook: “Private Equity Value Creation: Increase Yield and EBITDA through Leveraging Consultants” to learn more, like:

  • Deal competition forcing creative approaches
  • Opportunities within the private equity life cycle
  • Consulting and PEs: understanding the financial dynamics
  • Strategy versus execution
  • Potential areas of improvement
  • Tools of the trade
  • Facilitating acquisition ROI


Private Equity Value Creation eBook


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