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“Never Break the Chain” – 5 Ways to Mend a Broken Supply Chain (infographic)


The driving drum beat in the popular rock tune “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac is reminiscent of production’s TAKT time drum beat set by customer demand. When a company’s demand or supply is disrupted, the disorganized supply chain might sound like a band without a beat. Disruptions such as COVID-19 reinforce that disrupting events occur more frequently, tend to last longer, and result in greater loss than most companies assess during traditional risk assessments. Disruptions make abundantly clear the need for accelerated information for rapid responses, resiliency, and optionality in the supply chain.

If recent global disruptions are affecting your company’s typically steady supply chain drum beat, there are strategies that can help you get back on pace. Pairing over 50 years of experience with analytical data from recent research, USC Consulting Group has compiled the below infographic with five tried-and-true techniques for supply chain optimization to mend your operations and improve your processes to be as efficient as possible.


Never Break the Chain - 5 ways to mend a broken supply chain infographic


  • Enhance transparency by leveraging intelligent data to more effectively forecast shortages.
  • Use strategic sourcing by partnering with multiple suppliers to ensure a consistent flow of products.
  • Identify opportunities to automate certain work processes, diminishing cycle time and enhancing throughput.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with channel partners to enhance communication.
  • Maintain a regularly occurring maintenance schedule to reduce the effects of equipment breakdowns on production.


Supply chain optimization is our specialty at USC Consulting Group. We can make sure your operations Don’t Stop and your Silver Springs are humming like a Songbird. You can Go Your Own Way, but then we may not be able to stop making Fleetwood Mac references and all of your Dreams may not come true. Contact us today to ensure that you’re Never Going Back Again to a broken supply chain and instead keep your driving drum beat steady.


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