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Master the Continuous Improvement Process with the USC Playbook (video)


Score operational excellence in your business by embracing the continuous improvement process.

Here’s the story…

The Ice Kings are struggling.  They’ve lost 6 of their last 7 games. Last season, they went to the playoffs. What’s wrong?

Enter Coach USC, who takes a page from the USC Playbook – Embracing Continuous Improvement.

Coach USC takes a look at the team – who need to improve all of their skills – shooting, passing, stick-handling and skating. This means breaking it down to the fundamentals with practice and training.

Like the Ice Kings, businesses need to take a page from the USC Playbook to help them continuously improve starting with the fundamentals of proper employee training.

But all of the training in the world won’t make a difference unless the team is in top shape – that means exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just as in business – it’s important for assets to “stay in shape” through predictive and preventative maintenance.

It doesn’t stop there – Coach USC performs data analysis by watching the game tape each week to see how they can keep playing better. Businesses can also continuously improve through organizational and operational reflection, capital awareness, and creating a culture of openness.



For over 50 years, USC Consulting Group has been a game changer – helping hundreds of clients to find gaps, refine processes and turn weaknesses into strengths.

Ready to find out more how USC can help your team embrace the continuous improvement process? Download the USC Playbook today.


USC Playbook - Embracing Continuous Improvement


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