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A Legacy of Milestones: USC Consulting Group’s History to Empower Performance


It is easy to imagine that in a company’s history there would be a few monumental events that occur.  Milestones that transcend a company to a higher status of acclaim and importance to empower performance.  Major milestones of this caliber have been aplenty for USC Consulting Group during its 50-plus year heritage.

With such an extended inventory of highlights, the challenge is being able to narrow them down to a list of the top ones.  From pivotal leadership to company expansion, here is USC Consulting Group’s journey of helping clients empower their operating performance through positive, impactful change.


  • May 1968: Pat Price and Tom Rice found Universal Scheduling Corporation (USC) in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. Price becomes the company’s first President and CEO.
  • 1970s: USC experiences early success, achieving 100 authorizations in just four years. The company expands into other industries outside manufacturing, including mining and aircraft and railroad maintenance, and begins offering additional services.
  • 1975: USC becomes a partnership, relaunching as Universal Scheduling Company, and opens a new office in Chicago.
  • 1980s: USC integrates technology into its improvement techniques and distributes computers to each project. The business develops international clientele as a result, continuing to grow through strong leadership before opening an office in Toronto.
  • 1990s: USC makes like the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls and achieves five consecutive record-breaking years. The company then closes out the decade by opening a new office in Tampa, which would become its new headquarters in 2003.
  • 2001: USC rebrands as USC Consulting Group – an ode to its expanding service offerings, which far surpass scheduling.
  • 2005: USCCG develops its patented Lean Information Control System software (LINCS), which generates real-time mechanical and process data.
  • 2018: USCCG celebrates its 50th anniversary May 22.
  • Today: USCCG functions as one of the most well-respected operations management consulting firms – an organization that puts people and processes first to empower performance.


The Story of USC infographic Empower Performance


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