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Is It Time to Hire an Operations Management Consultant?


If your business has a problem or obstacle you can’t solve — a slowdown in throughput, trouble on the line, machinery problems, supply chain issues, demand outweighing supply and more — and your team is struggling to overcome the challenge, it’s time to bring in an operations management consultant.

Operations management consultants will first look at your current operations model, systems and day-to-day processes of getting the job done. Then, they work with your team to implement positive, impactful changes to help your business strive toward operational excellence.

Why Hire an Operations Management Consultant

Is it the right time to hire an outside resource? Perhaps. Before we can answer that question though, let’s look at the reasons why you would need to bring in some help. While each business and situation is different, we find companies seek an operations management consultant due to one or more of these common reasons:

  • Current processes aren’t getting the job done
  • You need fresh eyes to assess a situation
  • Objectivity
  • Process improvement expertise
  • When you don’t know if it’s time to upgrade assets
  • Time and workload snags
  • Resistance to change
  • Planned shutdowns or outages
  • When you need to reduce operating costs or improve throughput and efficiency

Operations management consultants can be the ‘horsepower’ your team needs to overcome these various challenges to achieve improvements quickly and effectively.

Now, for the burning question… When is the right time to bring in operations consultants? It boils down to dissatisfaction with the status quo, problems organizations can’t seem to overcome, and challenges they’re not equipped to solve. But, like many things in life, it’s not that simple.

For that reason, our subject matter experts at USC Consulting Group walk you through the process in the following eBook:

Right Time to Bring in Operations Consultants eBook CTA

This eBook covers various concepts, including:

  • Defining what are operations management consultants
  • The benefits of an outside resource
  • The best time to bring them in
  • Where consultants can help your business the most

If you have questions about operations management consulting and what it can do for your business, give us a call or email us at We want you to be well-informed so you can feel comfortable and confident bringing in some help.

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