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In the ongoing pursuit of operational excellence, do you feel like it’s 1st and goal or 4th and long? The challenges you encounter in business can feel like you’re in the middle of the game with the clock ticking down. The moves you make and steps you take determine whether you’ll score the touchdown or come up a few yards short. But with the right mindset, plays, and strategy, you and your teammates can come through in the clutch.

Operational Excellence applies to your entire team in the organization – from the top business executives to the shop floor employees. Each player recognizes the flow of value to the customer and have a strategic plan in place to fix that flow should it experience a disruption. In other words, your employees have the ability to call an “audible” to correct abnormal conditions.

Here are six plays that can take you past the red zone and into the end zone:

6 Plays That Can Drive Your Business to Operational Excellence Infographic


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