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It seems most people struggle when it comes to creating an effective resume. People don’t seem to like to talk about their personal and professional achievements. However, if you want to make a career change or earn that promotion, then you need to be able to write an eye-catching resume that will attract attention. This is including a position for a manufacturing operations manager. Here are six tips for creating the perfect operations manager resume that will aid you in getting the job.

1. Understand the position you are applying for before writing your resume

Seems like a no brainer, right? “A lot of job candidates don’t really understand the position they are hiring for, and it costs them the job,” says Mary Kreger, a career blogger at Paperfellows and Essayroo. So, before sitting down make sure you understand the duties of a manufacturing operations manager and makes sure those are responsibilities you are willing to take on.

2. Decide on the format

Once you are sure you can do the job of an operations manager, the next step is to figure out which resume format you would like to use; reverse-chronological, functional or combination. For an operations management position, it’s recommended that you use the reverse-chronological format as it’s the most popular within this field. This is the most popular because it shows off all of your most recent achievements first, highlighting those skills that will make you great at an operations management position.

3. Pick the right layout

After you have decided on a format, you then need to make sure your layout is correct. For an operations management resume here are some layout recommendations:

These layout tips will help make your resume easy to follow and legible for the hiring department.

4. Include the right information

Now it’s time to write the resume. However, what should you include and what shouldn’t you include? “These are good questions to ask yourself. If you have been working in a similar field and are trying for a promotion within your company, chances are you probably have many years of job experience that could be relevant,” says Carl Carey, a writer at Boomessays and Lia Help. However, it could be way too much information to condense down to one page.

The main sections on your resume should be the following:

5. Proofread your resume

Before you move onto submitting your finished resume, you should make sure that you have no typos, grammatical errors, and all the information you included is correct. When you take the time to edit your resume, you can save yourself from looking uneducated or not getting a call back because you typed your phone number wrong.

If you struggle with editing your own work, tools like Resumention, OXEssays, Bigassignments, Elite Assignment Help, Best Essay Services, Simplegrad can help.

6. Write a matching cover letter

After you put all the work into crafting a great operations manager resume, don’t forget to write a matching cover letter. Cover letters demonstrate that you want to work for that specific company not just any company, making them important to the hiring process.

Using the right format, layout, and including the right information in your operations manager resume will ensure you a fair chance at getting hired.

*This article was written by Emily Henry. Emily is a writer at Academic Writing Service and Essay Services. She writes about resume writing. Emily is also a blogger at Do my homework UK.

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