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Communication in your manufacturing plant is essential, as all workers need to be able to handle deliveries, potential safety hazards, and more. The problem is, in any plant communication can become difficult. In many cases, for example, the machinery is loud, meaning staff can’t hear each other. To communicate, they need to leave the building or remove hearing protection, and neither of these is ideal.

Instead, you can set up in plant communication networks. These can help everyone communicate wirelessly, and can even include hearing protection. This keeps everyone in the loop, and safe. Here’s how you can set your own network up.

Understand Mesh And Bluetooth Technology

When looking at setting up your own communication network, you’ll see there are a couple of different ways you can do so. You have the option of using Mesh communication tech, or Bluetooth.

“It’s important to note that Bluetooth systems won’t be the same as the ones you use in your home” says writer Keenan Dawes, from Write My X and Australia 2 Write. “These systems are industrial strength, and can reach up to half a mile.”

Mesh networks are created with specialist headsets, where each headset acts as a node in the system. They route the signal to other headsets, keeping everyone in touch.

Both systems work on a 2.4 GHz frequency, and are wireless. If they’re plugged in at the end of the day, they should always have enough charge to work the next day.

Build Mesh Communication Networks

A Mesh network is good for larger numbers of users, as the topography allows the signal to find the most efficient path. If you have a large worksite, it’s also good for this. You can get a signal range of around two miles, although it becomes around 0.7 miles in open air.

These networks also allow for multiple channels. You can set up smaller channels for different teams, so they can communicate without interruption. Users can take advantage of a group Mesh mode, where two users set up a group, and then send private links to other users to join. This can support up to 16 members.

Mesh networks use their own proprietary Intercom technology to connect to users around the plant. That means that you won’t need Bluetooth adapters, but you will need other adapters if you want to connect the headsets to connect to smart phones and tablets.

Build Bluetooth Communication Networks

A Bluetooth communication network will be a peer to peer network, which will connect up to four users at once. The headsets use the Bluetooth signal to pair up with each other, in a similar way to pairing a Bluetooth speaker with a phone. You can also connect them to smartphones with ease.

If you do connect a headset to a smartphone, then you can make calls through it. That way, you’re effectively expanding the reach of the network to anyone with a smartphone.

Get Set Up

“It’s much easier than you’d think to set up a network” says Gareth Evans, a tech writer from Origin Writings and Brit Student. “As such, you won’t even need an IT department to get it going.”

Mesh setup is very simple. Once you have your headsets charged and ready, you just need to push a button on them. That will connect it to every other Mesh headset in the area. Adding adapters is simple too, as once they’re connected, they stay connected.

When using Bluetooth headsets, they will need to be paired together. It’s a simple set up, one that you’ve likely done before when pairing your phone to another device.

Costs Involved

A Bluetooth headset can cost anywhere from $250 to $400, depending on the features it has. A Mesh headset will be more expensive. On average, they cost around 20% more than the most expensive Bluetooth headset.

Setting up a communication network is fairly easy to do, and won’t need any expertise to do. You can start setting up your own system right now, with either a Mesh or Bluetooth system depending on your needs. Use this guide to make the right choice for your plant, and get started.

*This article was written by George J. Newton. George is a business development manager, who brings his experience to Dissertation Writing Services and PhD Kingdom. He covers business tech, which allows companies to be more connected and efficient. He also writes for Coursework Help.

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