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Minor snags in routine equipment maintenance procedures seem harmless, but can create enormous problems in your operations. Besides slowing down orders and causing havoc on your line, the costs of this unplanned downtime adds up significantly.

How much pain do routine maintenance problems really cause? The numbers are befuddling.

With these astounding stats, the focus then turns to how do we avoid the unplanned downtime in the first place.

Avoid these 7 routine maintenance problems

Manufacturers would benefit by getting ahead of the issues before they become problematic. Watch out for these routine maintenance hiccups:

  1. Preventive Maintenance Gaps
  2. Insufficient Operator Training
  3. Lack of On-Hand Spare Parts
  4. Insufficient Capital Budget
  5. Overreliance on Distant Third Parties
  6. Paper-Based Reporting
  7. Antiquated Controls and Monitoring Capabilities

Kaishan USA has compiled a comprehensive infographic detailing these 7 major maintenance issues to avoid in your daily operations…

Guide created by Kaishan USA

For techniques on how to improve your processes and enhance your maintenance practices, contact USC Consulting Group today. We can help you establish effective predictive and preventive maintenance programs to avoid unplanned downtime.

How reliable is your asset maintenance program

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