A Logistics Services Provider Streamlines Acquisitions

The Client

A long-time USC Consulting Group client, a leading transportation and logistics services provider needed help in expanding their operational network from the continental U.S. to the islands of Hawaii.

The Challenge

The acquisition of additional trucking, container shipping, and marine terminal businesses with processes, assets, and other resources being absorbed into the existing business processes on an accelerated timeline.


The Solution

The project’s initiative consisted of assisting our client’s team in acquiring part of another ocean shipping and logistics company’s assets.  Our client acquired two trucking fleets, a marine terminal in Honolulu, and 6 container vessels.

The scope of the project included the entire supply chain of processes required to effectively manage the new assets without customer failures. The intent was to fold existing processes from the newly acquired fleet into our client’s established processes, as well as onboarding some of the acquired organization’s employees.

Since our client was purchasing the assets to service the Hawaii trade lanes exclusively, major complexities to the project arose. Because the justice department wanted to closely review the acquisition under the Hart Scott Radino Act [HSR], the client and USCCG team had limited access to the acquired assets’ team to understand current processes and the point of approval for a deep dive into to final acquisition. The timeline was measured in weeks not months, with a limited amount of time to test new systems that would be going live.

USCCG was able to facilitate the design of how the acquired organization’s new processes would flow and how they would be integrated into the existing business processes. A shipping container tracking and information system was implemented folding all existing and acquired business processes into a common platform to ensure scalability and accurate tracking and reporting. After acquisition, USCCG was able to facilitate in training of new resources on boarded through the acquisition and ensure the transition had as few customer service failures as possible.

Performance Results


growth in business


USCCG assisted with the successful onboarding of the new business verticals and assets.  The successful completion of the exercise allowed the client to realize the pre-acquisition projection of a 40% growth in their business.

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