Empowering. Performance.

We’re roll-up-our-sleeves operations management consultants. Whether it’s in the front office, the back office, or anywhere in-between. We’ll be there before, during and after the project. We implement our recommendations. We train your employees. And we make sure your results are sustainable. Because we know from over 50 years’ experience, that’s the only way to empower performance.


Our Mission

To provide real value by improving financial performance. We help companies reach their highest potential through greater operating excellence across their entire supply chain.


How we do it

We don’t believe in “standard templates.” Every situation is unique. Process improvement starts with digging into what truly makes your company tick. We’ll handpick a team uniquely qualified to address your specific challenges. We’ll observe how you do things. Talk to the people on the frontlines. Then we’ll turn our findings into a detailed, workable plan, complete with tools from our well-rounded toolkit:


  • Business Intelligence
  • Lean
  • Six Sigma
  • Statistical Process Control


  • Asset Performance Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Optimization

Then things get interesting. Because we don’t just deliver a strategy document. We stick around. We implement. We put ideas (both yours and ours) into action. And we help deliver on your goals by empowering your performance. In fact, we’ll help you audit, verify, and sustain results for years to come.



the technology we use

Knowing where information lives and putting it to good use is essential to a project’s success. We use proprietary, enabling technology to first achieve, and then sustain the desired outcomes. Our Client Technology Solutions can enhance your existing Management Operating System (MOS) or implement our LINCS® Lean Information Control System, to help smooth the change process–providing timely feedback on KPIs to process owners and business intelligence to decision makers. We openly share the results of our collaboration to increase and maintain operating excellence.


A Proven Process

Over the years, we’ve developed a detailed, step-by-step process that delivers exactly the results you need.



We investigate areas of opportunity, set priorities and define the scope of our engagement.


This is where we narrow in. We look at which business units, plants or facilities to target, and develop a detailed implementation plan.


This is the point when most consultants leave you with a binder and walk out the door. Instead, we’re developing a project plan, organizing work breakdown structure, developing performance goals, determining measurement metrics and making sure our strategies get the desired results.



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The People Who Get It Done

senior partners

Richard W. Gross

President and Chief Executive Officer

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Rick, a certified ISO auditor, joined USC Consulting Group in 1981. He is responsible for identifying and determining the value of potential operational improvements, putting together a team, and laying out an approach according to a predetermined schedule.

Before assuming his present duties of overseeing all business operations, Rick served USCCG in the highest level of management in the areas of operations, analysis, and sales/business acquisition. He graduated from California University with a BA in Administration/Management and a minor in Economics.

Ted Buckles

Senior Vice President & Director of Operations

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Ted began his career in operations with USC Consulting Group in 1988. After progressing through the ranks from project consultant to senior operations manager, he was made a partner in the firm in 2005 and made executive partner in 2010. Ted was promoted to his current position, senior vice president and director of operations, in 2020. 

Ted handles USCCG’s planning and staffing. He’s also the one responsible for on-time, on-budget delivery of products and services to our clients.

David W. Shouldice

Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Global Mining & Metals Practice

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David started with USC Consulting Group in 1986. He was promoted to senior regional manager in 1999, made a partner in the firm in 2001 and executive partner in 2014, and assumed his current duties in 2020.

As senior vice president and managing director of USCCG’s Global Mining and Metals practice, he is responsible for managing the team charged with attracting, growing, and retaining new mining and metals clients across the globe. His group identifies and reliably delivers operational improvements at targeted ROIs.


Susan Wickware

Vice President & Senior Account Executive

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Susan joined USC Consulting Group in 2007 and was made a partner in 2018.

As a senior account executive, she has successfully built a track record developing and maintaining USCCG’s long-term client relationships both in North America and globally. Susan’s clients have benefited from her extensive experience in management operating systems, lean manufacturing, asset performance management, inventory control, cost reduction and project management, especially in the mining and metals industry.

Ron Tinder

Partner, Vice President Operations

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Ron joined USC Consulting Group in 2006 as a Project Consultant in Operations.  Ron was promoted to Senior Operations Manager in 2015, made Partner in the firm in 2018, and elevated to Vice President Operations in 2019.

As Vice President Operations, Ron is responsible for insuring delivery of projected operational and financial improvements in the course of managing multiple client engagements across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.  Additional responsibilities include attracting and retaining new clients across the globe.